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Seattle: More left wing political hypocrisy

Lisa Herbold is a left-wing Seattle city councillor. She not only voted to defund the Seattle police department, but Herbold also sponsored a bill that would make poverty, drug addiction and mental or emotional disorders a legal defence for misdemeanour crime. According to reports, they don’t even need to prove their condition to receive the exemption.

So many were puzzled when Herbold called the police when someone threw a stone breaking her living room window. An outraged Herbold is demanding a full criminal investigation.

WND reports:

After voting to defund the police department, a member of the Seattle City Council called the cops to report a crime that effectively would be legal under a new proposal she has sponsored.

Lisa Herbold reported to police last Friday a man threw a rock at the living-room window of her West Seattle home, reported Jason Rantz, a talk host for local KTTH radio.

Under Herbold’s “poverty defense” proposal, most misdemeanor suspects would be let off the hook if they commit a crime to meet a basic need.

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Ironically, before hearing of the incident that took place at Herbold’s home, KTTH’s Jason Rantz had written an article wondering how she would react if the councilmember was a victim of a crime:

Rantz explains:

Earlier today I wrote my analysis of her proposal and wondered how she would respond if she were a victim of a crime that would get a pass in the city she’s turning Seattle into. Now we know: She’d do what any normal, reasonable person would do. She called the police, though, in this case, just weeks after defunding them.

Herbold wants a criminal investigation into this man. She should. He broke the law and should be punished. But in Seattle, thanks to councilmembers like Herbold, we don’t punish criminals. We have an aversion to putting people in jail who are threats to society. Usually, the councilmembers aren’t victims themselves. They just create the victims with their permissive policies.

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