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Ontario: Meet the new grade 9 math

The Canadian province of Ontario just updated its curriculum for grade 9 math.

Ontario extends its dystopian lockdown

The Canadian province of Ontario has the most oppressive lockdown in North America where people have been ordered to stay-at-home, and it was recently extended until June. The chart below provides the daily COVID case count, including variants in green. COVID turned from a medical crisis into a political one, months ago, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Ontario government will not stop the lockdown until the number of COVID cases are in the negative. The chart is supplied by Ontario Public Health: Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford, extends the lockdown into June. READ: Ontario extends stay-at-home order for an additional two weeks Ontario police recently fined four people travelling in a car $800 each, because they were all from different addresses and could not provide a valid reason as to why they had left their homes. READ: Ontario police pull over four in car, charge them under stay-at-home orders Gold courses remained closed during COVID lockdown. READ: Golf courses to remain closed as Ontario keeps COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor activities

Ontario police take the government to court

Ten active police officers and five retired in the Canadian province of Ontario are taking their government to court arguing that the province’s recent dystopian lockdown is unconstitutional. They are also arguing that the government’s recent moves, that includes stopping people out for a walk and in cars without cause, violates the oath that police take.

Canadians sending SOS signal to U.S., charged, face jail time

Yesterday, I reported how a group of Canadians from Ontario along the American border used lights to send an SOS signal to America via Morris code calling for help against the province’s tyrannical overlords. Well, according to the Daily Wire, Niagara police just proved what they said was true and have charged two of the people for calling for help. They are facing potential jail time of two years.

Why is mental health rapidly declining in Ontario?

Mental health experts in the Canadian province of Ontario are warning of people’s declining mental health due to COVID and its related lockdowns. In fact, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, things have gotten much worse because of the second lockdown in the province. Of course, it’s not surprising, since the province also has one of the most restrictive lockdowns in Canada. Notice, how people are also claiming they are lonely. The Toronto Sun explains: The poll suggests only 35 per cent of Ontarians consider their mental health to be “very good” or “excellent,” compared to 52 per cent in the first round of polling in May. It also shows nearly 80 per cent of respondents believe there will be a “serious mental health crisis” post-pandemic, compared to 66 per cent in August and 69 per cent in May. […] The poll also found respondents were getting more isolated. Fifty-seven per cent reported feeling lonelier since the pandemic began, with 47 per cent saying they wish they had someone to talk to. And 36 …