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When is changed from a pandemic to a political-demic

While the Premier of the Canadian province of Ontario, Doug Ford, hit the panic button this week and demanded that the whole province go into a stay-at-home lockdown because the province’s ICU are being overrun with COVID patients, an ER doctor is wondering where are all the patients.

Of course, the panic is all about the computer models, but if his chart is correct, it reveals that Ontario ERs are running at about 70% capacity.

In the midst of this recent panic-demic, some also asked the embarrassing question if ICUs are being overwhelmed, why is a COVID field hospital, set up to handle this pandemic, sitting empty. READ: WARMINGTON: No patients at Sunnybrook’s COVID field hospital?

And another points out that while the number of COVID cases is clearly going up, the number of deaths are not.

Of course, this makes sense since the province has vaccinated many of the elderly or those who are most vulnerable to COVID.

This pandemic changed from a medical one to a political one, months ago.

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