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‘You can’t prey on weak people, okay?’

Canadians are clearly tiring of the COVID-1984 lockdowns still in place in the country. Another video has surfaced of people driving COVID health inspectors out of a restaurant. This time it happened in Ontario.

The Blaze provides the details:

In the wake of a viral video showing restaurant patrons in Vancouver, British Columbia, yelling at health inspectors to “get out!” as they delivered closure orders to the owner for COVID-19 violations earlier this month, yet another clip is getting attention showing the same scenario in another part of Canada.

The clip shows a pair of Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario agents a man and a woman speaking Saturday with a Simmering Kettle employee across a counter, Barrie Today reported.

Suddenly a male customer standing near the counter begins arguing with the male agent and saying he and his colleague are trespassing at the Barrie establishment.

“You can’t prey on weak people, okay? And I’m not one of those people,” the customer tells the agent, adding that “so, you listen to me: there is an unlawful order here … leave! You’re trespassing!” The customer then threatens to call police on the agents.

READ: COVID ‘compliance officials’ again feel wrath of fed-up Canadian restaurant patrons who angrily demand they leave — and they do

A couple of weeks back, patrons drove COVID inspectors out of another restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

And a Calgary pastor, Artur Pawlowski, drove five police officers and a health inspector out of his church on Easter Friday.

As one YouTube commenter noted:

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who is originally from Poland — apparently serve a large Ukrainian community — bottom line, they’ve messed with the wrong church as these folks have survived totalitarianism and recognize it when they see it. And praise the Lord for their courage and conviction in the face of tyranny!

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