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Canadians send SOS to America pleading for help

Canadians living in Ontario plead for help from America as they are being held hostage by Premier Doug Ford. Credit: Marie Oakes/Twitter Video capture

A group of Canadians living in Ontario along the American border have issued an SOS call for help that they are being held hostage by Canada’s latest tyrant, Premier Doug Ford, whose recently ‘enhanced’ lockdown even had police departments stating they wouldn’t enforce some of his new rules.

The group sent an SOS by Morris code across the border and as well displayed the Canadian Flag upside down, an international sign of distress

The Daily Wire provides the story:

A group of Ontario residents protested their province’s strict new lockdown measures over the weekend by hoisting an upside-down Canadian flag and using lights to issue a Morse code “SOS” signal toward the U.S.

“We are down here in Niagara Falls, Ontario,” a demonstrator said in a videothat streamed live on Facebook. “We have a flag upside down in distress. And we are about to Morse code ‘SOS’ across the border to our neighbors. We are asking for help. We are hostages in our province now. We are no longer free to do whatever we want as our Charter allows us.”

READ: WATCH: Canadians Issue Morse Code ‘SOS’ Signal Across U.S.-Ontario Border To Protest New Restrictions

Watch the video below:

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The gap in the fully vaccinated is stark: 25 per cent of Americans versus just over 2 per cent of Canadians.


  1. Desert Chick says

    Take a page from the Southern border of the US. Don’t ask permission. Just cross and then ask forgiveness. Then apply for Asylum.

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