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Questions about mass vaccination plans

In his video, Kelly Brown is asking questions about the Canadian Province of Ontario’s vaccination plan that includes vaccinating every person in the province.

His question is simply this, why is the health department focussing on vaccinating the whole population, when the elderly and those with underlying health issues are the ones most vulnerable to COVID?

Brown points out:

87% of all COVID-19 mortality in the province occurs in the 70+ ages and infirm. (55% of the 87% were in Long Term Care facilities (just 78k residents).

70+ is just 12% of the population, or 1.8 million people.

69 & under mortality rate: 0.22%. (He states this is about the same rate as other respiratory ailments in Canada.)

49 & under mortality rate: .03%.

0 COVID child deaths

With limited availability of vaccines due to the federal government’s botched handling of purchases, instead of using a fire hose to soak everything down, focus the water on the fire.

The same questions could be asked of mass lockdowns. Why were countries, provinces and states completely locked down when the elderly and those with underlying health issues were the ones most vulnerable to the virus.

It could also be asked why did several US states send people with COVID back to nursing homes? This answer to this last question is obvious, they had no idea what they were doing.

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