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Teachers told not to post spring break photos

As teachers and their unions continue to oppose the return to in-person classrooms in California, there was a warning on the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) Facebook page for teachers not to post any photos of their holidaying on social media during spring break. Apparently, it sends the wrong message about the teachers’ position that returning to in-person schooling is unsafe.

The Pornographic Truth

What is the number one problem in our world? Everyone has an answer, and it depends on where you live, your gender, age, whether you are poor or rich, etc. Your answer also depends on your faith. Everyone has faith, some just don’t call it that. I have faith in God. Others have faith in science. Few, a lessening number daily it seems, have faith in government. A growing number are putting their faith in humans while still others have faith in occultic practices. A survey of what people and experts think the number one problem in the world gives different answers. Climate change, poverty, and divisiveness top many lists. I went through several lists and none listed pornography or sex trafficking. Even the Christian sites listed things like science and disbelief. One of my sayings is that: “Some things you can’t unsee.” Pornography is one of those things. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what gender you are, images of pornography stick in your mind like gum under a table. They infect …

CA reporter robbed at gunpoint while filming a report on crime

People are moving out of California in droves because of government policy about the economy, high taxes, laxity on crime and restrictive COVID lockdowns. This story provides a snapshot on what is taking place in the state. A TV reporter, who was about to do an interview on increasing crime rates in San Francisco, was robbed at gunpoint by thieves who stole his camera.

The sciency argument: Prove to me that God exists!

Are you an Atheist? Do you know one? I am writing as someone who believes in God. Imagine the arguments I could have with an Atheist. You can only imagine, because I don’t want those arguments. Prove to me that God exists! / Prove to me that God does not exist! There is no answer to those questions. We all choose what we want to believe. The words of the Bible: “He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God.” (Colossians 1:15) We can’t prove the existence of someone who is invisible, who tells us that He is invisible. We can be convinced somehow, and we can choose to believe, or not. You might have read an article, in the news, about how Physics can prove that God does not exist; or maybe prove that He does. The article keeps getting published with different titles. I think the title is click bait, to get our attention, and the words that follow are a good explanation of why we can’t prove anything about God. READ: Can …