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Ontario government wants a police state, police don’t?

Many believe the government of the Canadian province of Ontario is creating a police state with the implementation of lockdown rules that allow police to randomly check vehicles and ask people why they are out.

The government of Premier Doug Ford will also be setting up checkpoints at its borders with the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba to stop people from escaping, err entering. Church services will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people. Stores that are allowed to open will be limited to 25% capacity.

Play grounds, sports activities and schools will be closed down. The province’s premier warned that those who don’t submit to his health department’s tyranny will face the IRON FIST of the law.

LifeSite News provides some of the details:

Places of worship will be capped at a maximum of 10 people indoors, beginning Monday.

Checkpoints will be set up at all of the province’s interprovincial borders with Quebec and Manitoba to clamp down on people trying to enter the province. It is unclear if the new measures will be able to withstand a challenge based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that grants “mobility rights” to citizens.

Big box retail stores will be reduced to operating at 25 percent capacity and playgrounds, basketball courts, golf courts, soccer fields will be closed down.

Ford made it clear that those who do not follow the rules will experience the iron fist of the law.

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The Toronto Sun provides a few more details on the Ontario’s police state:

Police officers in Ontario will be given extraordinary temporary powers to stop individuals — on foot and in their cars — and demand to know where they’re going and where they live under a new pandemic crackdown by the Doug Ford government.

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said members of the public could be ticketed for refusing to provide the information starting at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

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But in order to have a police state, you need the cooperation of the police. READ: Many Ontario police services refuse to enforce Ford government’s new random stop laws

According to the Twitter thread below, 15 police departments announced they will not be enforcing Ford’s police state:

Here is a response from one of the Police departments:

In an article written last year, Dennis Prager provided four signs of a police state:

  1. “Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights.”
  2. “A mass media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.”
  3. “Use of police.”
  4. Use of “Snitches.”

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Of course, the creation of this police state is not based on reality, but rather projections by the computer models of the health department’s overlords.

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