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Authorities padlock Canadian church facing $40 million in fines

Trinity Bible Chapel, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Credit: Trinity Bible Chapel Facebook page

A judge in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has allowed health authorities to padlock the doors of Trinity Bible Chapel because of its continued violation of lockdown orders that prevent churches from holding services exceeding 10 people.

The injunction is only temporary and will be reviewed next week.

According to Pastor Reaume, the repeated ticketing by police of the church, its leaders and congregational members for breaking COVID regulations now amounts to over $40 million.

In a blog post, Pastor Reaume responded to the recent tyrannical move by health authorities.

We have participated in what the public health people consider high risk behaviour, namely the millennia old tradition of gathering weekly to worship our Creator.

Not one of our pastors has ever buried someone who has died of COVID. We have around 600,000 people who live in this region. There are 588 active cases of COVID in the region, with 32 people in the ICU with COVID.

That’s enough to deem the public worship of Jesus Christ dangerous and enough for the Province of Ontario to kick us off our land and bar our doors shut. I’m not saying we’ll never bury someone who dies of COVID. I’m not saying COVID hasn’t brought harm.

I’m only saying our experience doesn’t line up with the hysteria whipped up by government and media, nor do the numbers warrant turning control of the Bride of Christ over to the Premier of Ontario.

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The region’s 588 active cases represents .098% of the population (.098% not 98%), but apparently that amounts to a crisis. If that’s the definition, some wonder if these lockdowns will ever end.

The reality is that the lockdowns won’t stop until elected politicians start standing up to unelected health officials.

The church also announced that a local credit union that provided the loan for the building, that was completed last year, has now frozen the church’s line of credit and told the church leaders it could call in the loan at any time. READ: Banking Issues and “Finish the Job” Capital Project

In a similar move last month, the RCMP built a fence around GraceLife Church in Alberta to prevent members from using the building during that province’s lockdown. In response, the church held services at a secret location. READ: They Can Take Our Facility, But We’ll Just Find Another One’: GraceLife Pastor Leads Church From Secret Location

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  1. It seems as though the judges who impose these life burdening fines upon the ‘little people’ are not church goers. If they were, they would have some sense of justice. Lady Justice would not inflict a $4 million dollar fine upon a church. Lady Justice dwells in the churches, and, comes from God and from the Natural Law in the heart of man. Could such judges be termed ‘useful idiots’ in the putrid plans of those trying to form a one world government? They will be stomped upon with the rest of us. Woke up judges and renew your friendship with Lady Justice.


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