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Confused government = confused police = people paying the price

A mother in Canada was recently issued an $880 ticket for breaking some still, yet-to-be-determined, COVID lockdown regulation in the province of Ontario.

Natasha Kohl had dropped off her three young children at her in-law’s place because she needed to shop for groceries. Under Ontario’s lockdown, child care is still allowed.

When Kohl returned to pick up her children, they were just eating a pizza, so she briefly waited until they finished.

The National Post explains what happened next:

Once they left the house, Kohl said she was pulled over by a provincial police officer.[…]

Kohl, however, told the Global News that she had explained the situation to the officer. “He clearly watched me pick up my three kids from the house,” she added.

Attending, obtaining or providing child care is allowed under the stay-at-home order, according to the Ontario government. However, Derek Rogers, the media relations coordinator for the OPP’s west region office, told Global News she was “not charged with dropping her kids off at grandparents.”

“She was charged with violating the Reopening Ontario Act,” he added. No details explaining exactly how Kohl violated the act have been provided as yet.

READ: Ontario mother fined $880 under stay-at-home order for leaving children with grandparents

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