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Take the COVID mask quiz

Governments and public health authorities have mandated that people had to wear masks, even outside in some instances, to stop the spread of COVID.

The following COVID mask quiz provides a chart of daily COVID case counts of several countries over the past several months and asks you to pick the date when the country implemented its mask mandate.


The following cheat notes SHOULD NOT BE USED to determine your guess:

READ: Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are ‘greatest hoax ever’

READ: CDC: 85% of COVID patients ‘always’ or ‘often’ wore a mask AND CDC: 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask

Meanwhile, in California:

Meanwhile, in Florida a fourth grader expresses his opposition to face masks at school including having to wear them outside. The young boy also learned a new word — hypocrisy:

Personally, I don’t like masks, but wear them as required.

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