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Twitter concerned about free speech in Canada

When the social media giant, Twitter, says it is concerned about free speech in Canada, it tells you how bad things are getting under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Trudeau government, enabled by the NDP, is introducing legislation to govern internet speech, that would essentially empower the government to ban any opinions, even though they are legal, that it doesn’t like.

The Daily Wire explains:

In statements provided to the government, Twitter explained its objections to the proposal put forth by Liberals in parliament known as the online harms bill.

According to The National Post, “The online harms bill would take aim at online posts in five categories — terrorist content, content that incites violence, hate speech, intimate images shared non-consensually, and child sexual exploitation content.”

The social media giant said that the proposed law “sacrifices freedom of expression to the creation of a government run system of surveillance of anyone who uses Twitter” and warned that flagging and removing posts might be “used as a political tactic.”

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Trudeau’s censorship law compared to those imposed by the Chinese Communist Party

For several months, the federal government has been trying to stop information requests on the consultations going on concerning Trudeau’s banning of free speech in Canada.

However, some details have emerged:

For months, the results of the government’s online harms consultation was shrouded in secrecy as the Canadian Heritage refused to disclose the hundreds of submissions it received. I launched a page that featured publicly available submissions (links reposted below), including 25 submissions from organizations and companies as well as six individual expert submissions.

The criticism of the government’s plans were even more widespread than previously revealed. Indeed, reviewing the submissions uncovers very few supportive comments of the government’s online harms from either organizations or the hundreds of individual submissions.

The most notable submission came from Twitter (its must read submission is here), which warned that the proactive monitoring of content envisioned by the government. 

“sacrifices freedom of expression to the creation of a government run system of surveillance of anyone who uses Twitter. Even the most basic procedural fairness requirements you might expect from a government-run system such as notice or warning are absent from this proposal. The requirement to ‘share’ information at the request of Crown is also deeply troubling.”

“The proposal by the government of Canada to allow the Digital Safety Commissioner to block websites is drastic. People around the world have been blocked from accessing Twitter and other services in a similar manner as the one proposed by Canada by multiple authoritarian governments (China, North Korea, and Iran for example) under the false guise of ‘online safety’ impeding peoples’ rights to access information online.”

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Of course, we have known about Prime Minister Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with the Chinese Communist Party and its totalitarian style of government for years:

Meanwhile, in America

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