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Study: Low vitamin D levels leads to people being up to 14 times more likely to be severely sick from COVID

According to a study conducted by Israel’s Bar Ilan University, people with a vitamin D deficiency are up to 14 times more likely to fall severely sick from COVID than those who are not deficient.

Creation? Are we still talking about that?

Are you a Creationist? Do you believe that God made this world? Or do you believe that it all evolved? And what about Noah and his ark? The opening words of the Bible are “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) We don’t have many options. Science is on the side of evolution, and religion is on the side of God and creation. It is hard to be on both sides at once, and the Bible falls apart if we remove the part where God started it all. I am a Christian, and I know that this topic divides people. I am concerned about the stressful times we are in, now, with a COVID Pandemic, and a war in Ukraine, and who knows what is coming next. I believe we should pray and ask God for help and direction. That God is the one who created the Universe. I also believe we need to get back to the God who made us, and we should read the owners’ manual. But, …

Does forgiveness have a role in spiritual warfare?

Premier Christian News reports that in the letter that Rev Vlasenko, head of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, wrote to the World Council of Churches, he specifically apologized for the actions of the Russian government and asked for forgiveness: “Today, as a citizen and as General Secretary of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, I apologize to all those who have suffered, lost loved ones and relatives, or lost their place of residence as a result of this military conflict.”[…] My prayer is that you will find strength from the Lord to extend your hand of solidarity and forgiveness, so we can live as the people of God to our world.” It’s an interesting request that may have broader implications when it comes to spiritual warfare. The role of forgiveness in spiritual warfare In the Book of Daniel, we see definite indicators of spiritual warfare in Persia. Israel had been taken into captivity by Babylon and after it was in turn defeated by Persia, Daniel sensed a time of change was coming that would involve a great conflict …

Russian troops kidnap Christian aid worker in Ukraine

CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) is reporting that one of its aid workers in Ukraine has been kidnapped by Russian soldiers or collaborators. Valentina works as part of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise Children of War Project in the city of Mariupol. The organization helps to evacuate women and children from war zones and as well provide food and spiritual help to those in need. According to one report, individuals believed to be working with the Russian army threw a hood over Valentina’s head and dragged her away as she was distributing food to people hiding in bomb shelters. CBN is requesting urgent prayer for Valentina. READ: URGENT PRAYER NEEDED: Orphan’s Promise Aid Worker Kidnapped in Ukraine It is part of Vladimir Putin’s intimidation tactics As Putin’s plan for a three day war in Ukraine enters its fourth week, Russian troops are increasingly turning on the people it expected to welcome them with open arms. As part of this, Putin’s army is resorting to intimidation and terror tactics in an effort to force Ukrainians into submission. Writing for …

A Supernatural Answer to Prayer

In the early 1990s, I was on a plane that was horribly overloaded with people, luggage, and boxes. So many air-safety rules were being violated on this particular flight! Pieces of luggage and boxes were strapped into the seats where people should have been sitting — and people were sitting on top of the boxes in the main aisle of the cabin.

Do churchgoers have greater satisfaction in family and personal relationships?

A recent poll conducted by Barna, entitled the State of Your Church, revealed that 58% of people who attend church rated their contentment in family and personal relationships as ‘strong’. When the individuals classified themselves as practicing Christians, the rate of ‘strong satisfaction’ went up to 67%.

A tapestry of David playing a harp by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Credit: Wikipedia/Creative Commons

¿Por qué no creo que Nitzevet fuera la madre del rey David?

ENGLISH: Why I don’t believe Nitzevet was King David’s mother Mi artículo, “ El gran secreto oscuro del rey David ”, es fácilmente el artículo más polémico que he escrito en Incluyendo mis respuestas, han habido más de 70 comentarios (en Inglés y en Español) con muchos desacuerdos en este artículo. Todo gira en torno a una declaración, hecha por David en los Salmos: “Yo nací en iniquidad, Y en pecado me concibió mi madre.” (Salmo 51: 5 NBLH) El punto principal del artículo es que sugiero que cuando el rey David dijo que fue concebido en pecado, debemos interpretar el verso literalmente. Esto significa que David fue concebido en un acto de pecado por su madre que no tiene nombre. En ninguna parte del Antiguo Testamento se menciona la madre de David. Esto es curioso teniendo en cuenta que las madres de muchos de los grandes personajes bíblicos reciben nombres como José (Génesis 35:24) y Moisés (Éxodo 6:20). Ahora muchos Cristianos han interpretado este versículo como simplemente sugiriendo que David estaba diciendo que todos …