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Russian troops kidnap Christian aid worker in Ukraine

Refugees and children hiding a in basement during shelling of Kiev.
Credit: Commons 4.0

CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) is reporting that one of its aid workers in Ukraine has been kidnapped by Russian soldiers or collaborators.

Valentina works as part of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise Children of War Project in the city of Mariupol. The organization helps to evacuate women and children from war zones and as well provide food and spiritual help to those in need.

According to one report, individuals believed to be working with the Russian army threw a hood over Valentina’s head and dragged her away as she was distributing food to people hiding in bomb shelters.

CBN is requesting urgent prayer for Valentina.

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It is part of Vladimir Putin’s intimidation tactics

As Putin’s plan for a three day war in Ukraine enters its fourth week, Russian troops are increasingly turning on the people it expected to welcome them with open arms.

As part of this, Putin’s army is resorting to intimidation and terror tactics in an effort to force Ukrainians into submission.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Ian Birrell explains:

One more family shattered by Vladimir Putin’s forces as evidence grows that the Kremlin and its troops are turning to hostage-taking, looting, theft and wanton destruction as their struggling invasion meets a ferocious Ukrainian response.

The Russian president planned a rapid blitzkrieg to capture the country, then – just as he did in the separatist Donbas region eight years ago – to subvert local leadership, suppress dissent and install his repressive regime.

But from the Belarus border in the north to the Sea of Azov in the south, Putin’s forces have found frenzied resistance. In the captured regions, brave flag-waving residents have marched through streets and shouted abuse at the invaders.

This has led to the beating and disappearance of civic leaders such as politicians, activists and journalists in a desperate attempt to enforce collaboration.

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