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After a few days at a San Francisco school, 13-year-old Ukrainian refugee wants to return home because it’s safer

A 13-year-old Ukrainian refugee who fled her country because of the Russian invasion now wants to return to Ukraine because of the violence she experienced firsthand at a San Francisco school, The Blaze reports.

California has gone woke and violence and crime is not only running rampant in its streets but apparently also in its schools.

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Yana stated that during her first month at Marina Middle School she allegedly had her cell phone stolen and several students threaten her.

During classes, she witnessed students disrupting and disrespecting teachers and causing disturbances. When none were disciplined, Yana realized this is normal behavior at her San Francisco School.

When the school board refused Yana’s parents’ request to have their daughter moved to another school, Yana, over fears for her safety, has refused to attend any further classes and wants to return to Ukraine.

The Blaze provided a quote from the San Francisco Examiner on a recent incident at the same school Yana attended:

Teachers, counselors and security staff who have left or are still working at the Fillmore Street school report that recent incidents include students recording videos of themselves as they beat another student, three female students assaulting a special-education student, and a student bringing an air gun to school — all without documented suspensions at the time of those incidents.

Meanwhile, teachers and counselors report there are five to 15 students in the hallway much of the time while classes are in session. The students scream at teachers, throw food at each other and intimidate other students, some of whom are afraid to go to the bathroom.

READ: Ukrainian refugee learns violence at San Fran public school is so bad that she wants to return to war-torn country

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