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Why dreams work?

Cairo, Egypt where God speaks to Muslims through dreams Credit: Gwenael Plaser/Flickr/Creative Commons

Cairo, Egypt where God speaks to Muslims through dreams Credit: Gwenael Plaser/Flickr/Creative Commons

Open Doors USA is reporting on another remarkable conversion of a Muslim because of a dream. This one involved a young man in Egypt who was actually planning to kill his cousin after hearing he had converted to Christianity.

Mostafa traveled to Cairo, where his cousin Mohammad lived, and when he found out his cousin was at church. Mostafa went to the service secretly sitting behind him.

However as he sat through the service, the worship particularly impacted him. After the service, Mostafa approached his cousin and having now confirmed he was Christian, Mostafa said he should turn his cousin in to the family, but admitted the singing had affected him.

For the next few hours, Mohammad shared the gospel with Mostafa, but in Egypt converting to Christianity is a dangerous decision. Not only do you face expulsion from the family, but Islamic extremists hearing about Muslims becoming Christians will murder them, as Mostafa was planning to do.

Because of this Open Doors has Egypt listed as the 16th most dangerous country for Christian persecution.

But that night, Mostafa had a dream of Christ on the cross who said, “I did all of this because I love you, and I want you to be free from your sins.”

Mostafa responded confessing that he was planning to kill his cousin, but now would dedicate his life to Christ. The next morning Mostafa prayed with his cousin to accept Christ and four weeks later he was water baptized.

The prophet Joel says God will specifically use dreams and visions during the end times to communicate with people Joel 2:28.

In her article, What the Bible Really says about dreams and visions, Leslie White explains why dreams are so effective. She says God uses them to speak directly to people because they bypass any natural resistance their conscious mind has to receiving the message.

We see this taking place in the life of the Apostle Paul who was miraculously converted by a vision while traveling on the road to Damascus to continue his persecution of the Jewish believers.

Notice how the Lord asked why Paul was kicking against the goads (Acts 26:14).

A goad was a long, pointed stick used by farmers to prod cattle. It not only got the animals moving, but it was also used to direct them.

When Christ mentioned the goads, it tells us the Lord had been speaking to Paul before this vision, but through his stubborn connection to the Pharisees, Paul was purposefully ignoring the prodding of the Holy Spirit.

Through this vision, God completely bypassed Paul’s defensive mindset against Christianity resulting in Paul’s conversion to Christ.

The same thing happened to Joseph when he found out Mary was pregnant with Christ. Suspecting she had a dalliance with another man, Joseph was planning to put her away privately. Culturally this was a scandal and Joseph was deeply humiliated and angered about what had happened. If it got out he would become the laughing-stock of his village.

But the Holy Spirit broke through this natural resistance via a dream that convinced Joseph to continue with the marriage (Matthew 1:20).


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