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San Francisco felons can earn $300 a month if they don’t shoot anyone

With gun crime skyrocketing in San Francisco, politicians realized they had a major crisis on their hand. In the first half of 2021, gun crime has doubled over 2020.

Poll: 40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave the city?

A recent poll of people living in San Francisco by the city’s Chamber of Commerce indicates they are tiring of the woke politics that has governed the city for the past several years. It has gotten so bad that 40% of those surveyed said they are planning to leave the city over the next few years. The two major problems leading to this decision are the city’s rapidly deteriorating homelessness problem, and its rising crime rates. Earlier this year, the city council voted to defund its police force by $120 million, while in May, the San Francisco police department reported that car burglaries in May were up 753% over May of last year. The city’s homelessness problem has gotten so bad that city residents state it is now the city’s number one problem, as homeless people are now openly taking drugs and defecating on the streets, forcing the city to set up a ‘feces patrol’ to keep the streets clean. The poll revealed: 80% of residents say that crime has increased. 70% stated that the …