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San Francisco voters boot woke prosecutor in a recall vote

San Francisco voters have just fired woke prosecutor, California District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, by booting him out of office in a recall vote. The vote was sparked by a successful petition drive calling for Boudin to be removed from office.

According to early results, the recall vote wasn’t even close, with 61% choosing to fire Boudin.

Many blame Boudin’s soft-on-crime approach for the rising crime rates in San Francisco, which included gangs of shoplifters pillaging stores.

Breitbart provides more details on Boudin and the vote:

Boudin, the son of convicted Weather Underground militant David Gilbert, was among the first of a cohort of left-wing prosecutors elected on to pursue “criminal justice reform,” vowing to stop prosecuting “quality of life” crimes.

His recall — in the country’s most left-wing city — sends a warning to left-wing prosecutors nationwide, dozens of whom have been elected in the past few years with the help of millions of dollars in spending by left-wing billionaire George Soros.

READ: San Francisco Voters Recall Radical D.A. Chesa Boudin: Warning to Left-wing Prosecutors Nationwide

Apparently, it has gotten so bad, that San Francisco reporters can’t even do news reports on the city’s growing crime rate without getting robbed:

And then they wonder why everyone is abandoning California:

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