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Violent anti-free speech mob defends Twitter?

Twitter headquarters in San Francisco
Credit: Christinatt (photo by Troy Holden)/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

When a dozen free speech supporters gathered at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco to protest the social media giant’s censorship of free speech, they were quickly surrounded and attacked by a violent mob numbering in the hundreds.

Breitbart explains:

San Francisco police had to quickly extract a group of conservative activists who attempted to hold a Free Speech Rally and Protest at Twitter headquarters. The small group of protesters was quickly surrounded by a violent mob of Antifa counterprotesters.

At one point, police determined they needed to move the conservatives away from the protest area in order to keep them safe. As the mob followed police carried out an emergency extraction to move the conservative group away from the scene.

One video shows a van driven by a San Francisco police officer being escorted by multiple police motorcycle officers and they move the “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing protesters to safety. The officers drive the conservatives back to a parking garage where their cars were parked.

READ: VIDEO: Police High-Speed Extraction of Mobbed Free-Speech Activists at Twitter HQ

According to Fox News, the free speech rally was shut down even before it got started. Philip Anderson who organized the pro-free speech rally, said:

“This is what happens when you lose free speech,” Anderson said over boos as the crowd threw objects at him. “This is what happens, America. This is what our country is turning into.”

MORE: SF free speech rally canceled after organizer’s tooth knocked out, police escort Trump supporters away from violent mob

One of the free speech protestors after he was attacked by the violent mob;

Guess what word was used when the anti-free speech mob attacked a black man who was protesting Twitter’s censorship of free speech:

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