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San Francisco newspaper tells residents that burglaries are normal part of every day life, get used to it

The San Francisco Chronicle is under attack after suggesting in a recent tweet that people in the city need to realize that burglaries are just a normal part of city life, and they need to just accept it. This was apparently the paper’s way of trying to deal with the city’s skyrocketing crime rates:

The Blaze adds that over the past few years, San Francisco has seen a rapid escalation in violent crimes, shooting and assaults, and as well burglaries:

The paper’s shocking statement comes as the Democrat-run California city continues to experience skyrocketing crime rates in 2021, including increases in violent crimes such as shootings and aggravated assaults as well as in property crimes such as car break-ins and retail theft.

The Chronicle itself reported over the summer that in San Francisco’s Central District, car break-ins were up a whopping 753% and noted on Friday that the city as a whole has been hit with a 13% increase in burglaries from last year.

The Blaze also noted the responses of several people to the Chronicle’s tweet:

  • To paraphrase, you are only allowed to be safe in your person and possessions if you are wealthy enough to live in a fortified house in a gated community.
  • This is San Francisco’s idea of social justice,” mocked one person.”Nice! New SF slogan ‘Come for the views, the hills, and stick around long enough to get burglarized by someone who will do it again next week,'” added another.

READ: San Fran newspaper thrashed after asking if residents should ‘tolerate burglaries’ as just a ‘part of city living’

Of course, one wonder why there has been such a significant increase in crime over the last year? I am sure this had nothing to do with it. READ: San Francisco defunds police by $120 million despite skyrocketing crime

As well, this need to normalize burglaries would include a San Francisco reporter who was robbed in broad daylight while, ironically, doing a story on the city’s rising crime rates. The three thieves, armed with guns, stole the news team’s video camera. READ: Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint While Filming Television Segment On Robberies In San Francisco: Report

And we shouldn’t forget the attempted robbery of a San Francisco Chronicle reporter who was doing an interview with the head of the Department of Violence Prevention on the steps of Oakland’s city hall. (Yes, on the steps of city hall and in broad daylight). Fortunately, private security were able to stop two armed men who were again trying to steal the news team’s camera. READ: ‘Irony defined’: Only days after Oakland slashed its police budget, armed robbers ran up on the city’s woke ‘violence prevention’ chief while he discussed rising crime with local news reporters

Jesus did warn us:

And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will become cold. (Matthew 24:12 NASV)

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