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Study: Did BLM protests result in more murders?

According to a study by PhD candidate, Travis Campbell, though Black Lives Matter anti-police protests resulted in a 15% to 20% reduction in police killings in the cities where BLM protested. This was dramatically offset by an overall 10% increase in murder rates.

CA reporter robbed at gunpoint while filming a report on crime

People are moving out of California in droves because of government policy about the economy, high taxes, laxity on crime and restrictive COVID lockdowns. This story provides a snapshot on what is taking place in the state. A TV reporter, who was about to do an interview on increasing crime rates in San Francisco, was robbed at gunpoint by thieves who stole his camera.

Poll: Something doesn’t add up on police defunding

A poll conducted in Oakland, California by the city’s Chamber of Commerce reveals how silly the world is becoming. The people were asked if they favoured cutting police funding, the majority dutifully answered with a politically correct yes. Then they asked them a second question. Did they want the number of police officers to be increased, stay the same or be reduced?

Seattle cuts funding for 100 police officers

In recent weeks, Seattle has experienced riots and protests with left-wing radicals demanding cuts to police funding. Well, apparently its city council has agreed with these extremists and voted by a margin of 7-2 to cut funding for its police department by $3.4 million. The Blaze explains the consequences: The proposal cuts about $3.4 million from the department’s $400 million budget. Seattle has about 1,400 police officers and the bill would cause 100 police positions to be cut by attrition. The cut to the police department’s funding falls far short of the demands from Black Lives Matter protesters, who have called for 50% of the funds to be diverted to social programs. Kshama Sawant, the far left socialist member of the city council, had voted against the bill because it didn’t go far enough to meet the demands of the BLM protesters. Of course, not everyone is on side with this decision. Seattle Conservative talk show host Jason Rantz had this to say about the recent decision to cut police funding: “This Council will always …