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17 Gangs targeting LA’s rich and famous?

Back in 2020, several of Hollywood’s elite signed a petition calling for the defunding of police in California and across America, and in unrelated news, Los Angeles police are reporting that 17 gangs, including the Crips and Bloods, are specifically targeting the rich and famous in that city.

The Western Journal reports:

Police have learned that 17 gangs have honed in on the wealthiest residents of the Los Angeles area by robbing them after they leave venues catering to the rich and famous.

Police said the robberies are often carried out by crews working from multiple vehicles and that the high-end handbags, watches and other items are then sold regionally on a thriving black market, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Violence towards victims is becoming a hallmark of the crimes, said Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who leads a Los Angeles Police Department task force formed as the number of high-end violent robberies began to spike.

“There’s no chance or opportunity for these victims even to comply. They’re just running up to people and attacking them, whether that’s putting a gun in their face or punching them and beating on them,” Tippet said. “Pistol whipping them as well.”

READ: 17 Gangs Have Dispatched Crews to Rob the Wealthiest People in LA, Police Say

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