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Canadian church holds controversial assisted suicide ceremony

CBN is reporting that a church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada held a controversial end-of-life ceremony for a person last month (March 2022).

The hidden cost of faith

As believers, we like telling the world that salvation is a free gift available by faith through Christ’s death and resurrection. But though it is free to everyone who chooses to believe, it also comes with a cost. And that was evident in a recent article on CBN about a young Christian woman, Leah Church, who chose to leave the University of North Carolina’s basketball team rather than compromise her faith.

The greatest earthquake in human history

Researchers at the University of Southampton in Britain say they have found evidence of the largest earthquake in human history that rocked Northern Chile around 1800 BC. They said the quake was over 9.5 on the Richter scale, resulting in a tsunamis that reached New Zealand, 8,047 km (5,000 miles) away. Earthquakes are caused by the rupturing of shifting tectonic plates, and the intensity of the earthquake is determined by the length of the rupture. At one thousand kilometers in length, the researchers stated that the rupture associated with this ancient Chilean earthquake is the longest ever found. The tsunami caused by the earthquake resulted in story-high boulders being pushed hundreds of meters inland. They believe it was larger than the massive earthquake that hit Chile on May 22, 1960, that registered 9.5 on the Richter scale, the largest recorded by instruments. It is estimated the 1960 quake and resulting tsunamis killed between 490 and 5700 people, with a significant majority dying from tsunamis that hit Hawaii, killing 61, and the Philippines, killing 21. A …

How did King Saul die?

One of the ways that skeptics like to discredit the Bible is by pointing to what they allege are discrepancies involving stories that seem to contradict each other. One of the first things, I always do when confronting a contradiction is to ask the simple question, could all the different alternatives all be true. This leads us to a discussion on how King Saul died. We have four Biblical passages that seem to provide contradictory stories about his death. One says that King Saul killed himself by falling on his own sword, a second states that an Amalekite killed him, a third says the Philistines struck him down and a fourth that God killed Saul. So I want to briefly discuss these four accounts and ask could all these different descriptions be true? King Saul killed himself In 1 Samuel 31:3, we read the first and most comprehensive account of how King Saul died, where we are told he was severely wounded by archers in a battle with the Philistines. If you notice the plural …

Credit: Michael Mazzamuto/Flickr/Creative Commons

Cada paso que doy

English version: Every step I take 31 Entonces, ¿qué diremos a esto? Si Dios está por nosotros, ¿quién estará contra nosotros? (Romanos 8:31 NBLH) Es tan importante recordarme a mí mismo que Dios está siempre de mi lado y conmigo en todo lo que hago en todo lo que enfrento. Dios lleva el peso más grande y la autoridad en todo lo referente a mi vida. Cuando la balanza de mi vida se desiguala, sé que Dios esta justo a mi lado. Cuento con su presencia y su autoridad para inclinar la balanza a mi favor y resolver todo por mi bien. El rey David entendió esto y toda su vida lavivió por la creencia de lo que Dios era para él. El Señor está a mi favor; no temeré. ¿Qué puede hacerme el hombre? (Salmo 118: 6 NBLH) Estoy aprendiendo a armarme de la misma manera que Josué lo hizo. Consciente de la presencia y la autoridad de Dios que llevaba en cada paso que daba en la tierra que Dios prometió a Israel. Estas …