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Canadian church holds controversial assisted suicide ceremony

Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Credit:Wpg guy/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

CBN is reporting that a church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada held a controversial end-of-life ceremony for a person last month (March 2022).

The elderly member of the church, who had ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, ended her life through assisted suicide during a ceremony in the church.

CBN writes:

It was the first instance in Manitoba where a case of assisted suicide took place in a church building, according to The Free Press. The entire procedure took 15 minutes and Sanguin passed away with her loved ones standing beside her. 

The minister of Churchill Park, Rev. Dawn Rolke, told CP that it “seemed appropriate” to hold the ceremony in the sanctuary, as churches are often “host and home to all the raggedness of our lives and to some of our significant life rituals: baptism, marriage, ordination, funeral or memorial services.”

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The “Crossing Over Ceremony” was held at the Churchill Park United Church, which is part of a liberal denomination that over the years has allowed atheists to pastor its congregations.

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