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Poll: Are we in the end times? Americans asked questions about Russia, Iran, and COVID

A recent poll of Americans conducted by Joshua Fund, founded by Joel C. Rosenberg, asked Americans if they believed we are in the last days leading to the second coming of Christ. The poll was conducted between March 17 and 22, 2022.

WND reports that the poll asked Americans four questions related to events currently troubling the world.

This included a question on whether they believed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was part of the end times prophesied in the Bible:

  • 39.8% believed it was;
  • 40.3% said it wasn’t; and
  • 19.9% said they were uncertain.

When asked if they believed the COVID pandemic was one of the plagues that Jesus prophesied would be part of the birth pangs leading to His second coming:

  • 40.1% said it was;
  • 41.1% said it wasn’t; and
  • 18.7% said they were uncertain.

The pollster then asked a couple of questions on the deal that the international community is trying to haggle with Iran that some believe would essentially allow its radicalized leadership to construct nuclear weapons.

When asked if the deal would make the world a safer place:

  • 31.3% believed the deal would make the world safer;
  • 47.7% believe it would make the world more dangerous; and
  • 21.3% said they were uncertain.

When asked if Iran was able to create a nuclear arsenal, would this threaten the lives of Israel’s six million Jews:

  • 67.6% said it would threaten the lives of Israeli Jews
  • 12.5% said it would pose no threat to Israel; and
  • 19.9% said they were uncertain.

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