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Woke mob chases conservative woman at University of Buffalo

Crosby Hall at the University of Buffalo
Credit: Davidhar/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

A conservative student at the University of Buffalo was hunted by a woke mob, forcing her to hide in a bathroom for fear of her life after she invited a conservative to speak at the university.

Therese Purcell serves as the president of a campus club called Young Americans for Freedom. She had invited Lt. Col. Allen West, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, to speak at the campus.

West, who is Black, spoke on how he overcome racism at the full house event.

The Daily Mail explains what happened next:

But protests erupted after the filled-to-capacity event, leading to an angry mob that chased Purcell, leaving her afraid of what would have happened if she wasn’t able to hide from them.

She shared terrifying footage of the incident online, and says it left her fearing for her life, Fox & Friends First reported. 

‘I realized I was the target for these protesters, and about 200 of my fellow students started hunting me down on campus, started chasing me,’ she said.   

Purcell said she heard the angry crown screaming, ‘go get her, go get her, go capture her, the girl in the red dress.’ 

Purcell added that she also heard people shouting that they should capture her. Purcell was saved when a friend yanked her into a bathroom, enabling her to call 911 for help.

West, who was born in a blacks-only hospital, went on to have a highly successful career in the military and politics.

In an interview with Fox News after the disturbing event, West had this to say about the woke mob hunting for Purcell:

But these kids want to be victims. They don’t want to hear that. They’re very militant, they’re very radical, and I’m glad that we exposed them.’ 

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