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Things just got dangerous for 3 groups of people in Austin, TX

City Hall, Austin Texas Credit: Public Domain

Not only did the Democrat-led city council in Austin, Texas just make the lives of city residents a bit more dangerous by cutting funding to its police department by $150 million (roughly a whopping third of the police department’s budget), but it also endangered the lives of the unborn by using some of that $150 million to help subsidize abortions.

CBN explains:

The city’s 2021 budget, approved unanimously by the all-Democrat Austin City Council on Thursday, cuts $150 million from the Austin Police Department, or roughly a third of their funding. Millions of dollars will be redirected to other public services, and the city council feels that should include subsidizing abortion access.

“Today I hope that the community feels hope,” said Councilmember Greg Casar.

The council’s move makes Austin the first of Texas’ four biggest cities to drastically cut police department funding. The share of the police department budget that was cut is among the largest percentage decreases in the nation this year, according to the Texas Tribune

The CBN article also explains how the city gets around state legislation that prevents local government from funding abortions.

So, who is the third group that has become more vulnerable you ask? With fewer resources, police officers are also more at risk.

READ: Austin City Council Slashes Police Funding by $150M, Shifts Portion of Money to Fund Abortion

So how to people feel about cutting police funding? A recent poll suggests 81% of blacks hate the idea. READ: 81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

The move to defund police is being driven by a radical left-wing minority.

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