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The Charter: Stepping out of the Dream

Credit: Sara/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Sara/Flickr/Creative Commons

So what is your dream, something you want to see, or something you desperately need? Do you want something for yourself or your family, or other people; like a new career, an education, a business, or a mission for God?

And you know that all dreams die right? All those great sentiments floating through our heads are just whiffs of electrical energy, and they are born to die.

The good news is there are two ways to kill a dream. You can cycle that rosy thought for years and some day it will be a story to bore the grandchildren. I’ve got a few of those.

The other way is to the kill the dream and make it into reality. Jesus said a grain of wheat remains alone unless it falls into the ground and dies (John 12:24), and I believe that principle applies to our hopes and dreams.

Time to turn dreams into reality.

Time to turn dreams into reality.

My Grandfather, in Scotland was an expert on religion and theology. He read all the books and had all the answers, except someone told him to stop understanding and to start believing. His answer was, ‘I will keep reading and learning until I understand simple faith.’ Later, in church, the minister read from the Bible, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3) and he stuttered when he said those words. My Grandfather decided God was speaking to him in that stutter. He realized he needed to simply believe God, so he could begin to understand. He needed to see from the inside.

That was a revolution in his life, and it could be called his life charter, where the ideas died, and real life began. For us, dreams and ideas die because they can’t act, they can’t recruit people, or raise money, or define what we do, or plan, or say what the tasks are. When we charter a dream we can name our steering committee, make a tiny budget and a simple schedule, and start planning the work.

If this seems unspiritual to you, the Bible is full of stories about people who stepped out of a dream, and started something real. My favorite is Moses at the shores of the Red Sea. The Egyptian army had the Hebrews trapped, and they were moving in for the kill. Moses was desperate and he led in a prayer meeting. It’s interesting that God told him to quit praying and start moving, and God sounded peeved. Can you believe that God broke up a prayer meeting? Check it out in Exodus 14:15.

So do you have something that might just work, or a great need in your life? Start with a charter that defines and limits what you will do.

Your charter needs at least two people, a dreamer and a doer (sponsor and manager) or you might combine both roles into you and add a steering committee of at least two people. Committee members don’t have to work, they just listen, advise and enjoy the free coffee and donuts you generously provide. You will also need a tiny budget and a simple schedule. And that’s how it starts.

So who has a dream that needs to find its walking boots? Tell us about it.


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