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NASA missed it, but fortunately it missed us

For the past few years, NASA has been tracking asteroids because of concerns one of them might slam into the earth causing massive devastation.

But last week, NASA announced it had completely missed an asteroid the size of the house that zoomed past earth on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Its trajectory brought it closer to earth than the moon.

Named “2020 GH2,” the asteroid was estimated to be 70 feet (ca. 21 m) at its widest point.

Tracking asteroids is not a perfect science, and according to Breaking Israel News there have been several asteroids, that the US space agency has missed over the years:

“In 2006, a meteor struck in Norway with the blast force estimated at the equivalence of 100–500  tons of TNT, around 3 percent of Hiroshima’s yield. In September 2007, a meteor crashed in southeastern Peru. Many residents became ill, apparently from the noxious gases released from the impact.”

But it seems that asteroids will play a major role in the end-times:

  • Jesus may have been referring to asteroids, when the Lord described “terrors and signs from the heaven” (Luke 21:11) as one of the signs indicating His imminent return.
  • In his vision of the apocalypse, the Apostle John saw three instances of asteroids hitting earth causing massive damage (Revelation 8:8-9; Revelation 6:13-15; Revelation 8:10-11).
  • The prophet Joel may also have been referring to asteroids in his description of the coming Day of the Lord (Joel 3:3 – The Israel Bible) — note Joel 3:3 in the Jewish Bible is Joel 2:30 in the Christian Bible.

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