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NASA: Asteroid will skim by earth on March 21, 2021

According to NASA, an asteroid ravelling at 77,000 mph will skim by earth in March. The asteroid, first seen in 2001, goes by the catchy name ‘231937 (2001 FO32)’ and is approximately half-a-mile long and one-mile wide.

Another very close call

It was a very close call, and was all the more onimous considering that the asteroid flew by on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, if you are into that sort of thing. The Daily Mail reports that an asteroid, the size of a large bus (16 feet to 33 feet), missed earth by just 240 miles (386 km) last Friday. This is the closest an asteroid has come to hitting earth since astronomers started tracking what they describe as near earth objects. What is perhaps equally concerning is that astronomers who track asteroids had no idea this happened until Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System located on Mauna Loa, Hawaii saw it flying away the next day. However, even if it had hit earth, it is suspected the asteroid named 2020 VT4 would have burned up in the earth’s atmosphere. In order for an asteroid to reach earth and potentially cause damage, it’s needs to be at least 25 meters (82 feet) in size and for it to have a global impact the asteroid would need to …

Mountain-sized asteroid will zoom by earth on April 29th

A recent Daily Mail headline immediately caught my attention as it read “Asteroid the size of Mount Everest set to fly by earth next month.” Of course, the reason for my interest is that the Apostle John in his vision of the end-times saw a mountain-sized asteroid slamming into the earth. But as I read the article, the asteroid known as “52768 (1998 OR2)” is only 2.25 miles (ca. 3,621 meters) at its widest point wide making it just under half the size of Mt Everest, the world’s largest mountain that is 5.5 miles (ca. 9 km) high. But despite this, 52768 easily qualifies as a mountain as it is larger than Oregon’s Mt. Hood that is about 2.12 miles (3.41 km) in size. This asteroid, first discovered in 1998, will fly by earth at 19,461 miles per hour (ca. 31,319 km/h) on April 29, 2020. The good news is that it will miss us by 3,908,791 miles (ca. 6,290,589 km). The bad news is that it is a regular inhabitant of our solar system …

Photo of the Milky Way from Argentina Credit: Luis Argerich/Flickr/Creative Commons

The silence was deafening, but not the explosion

According to a report by BBC, around noon on December 18, 2018, a large meteor/small asteroid exploded over the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait is the body of water separating Russian and Alaska and the explosion took place closer to the Russian side near the Kamchatka Peninsula. It was first reported by the US Air Force who caught the explosion with a military satellite and passed the information on to NASA, that was given the responsibility of tracking near-Earth asteroids by the US government in 2005. However, this one had completely escaped NASA’s notice. The asteroid, that was several meters in size, was traveling at 20 miles (32kms) per second and exploded about 26 kilometers above the Bering Strait. Though it safely exploded over water, there was concern because it was near commercial airline routes. The explosion, estimated at 173 kilotons, was ten times the power of Hiroshima and was described as “historic” by Lindley Johnson who works with NASA’s planetary defense division responsible for tracking asteroids. Johnson said it was the the second largest …