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The rest and the pest

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Recently, I had a dream followed by a vision that spoke very clearly to me in my calling as a prophetic writer. Others here may find this resonates with them as well in this season.

In the DREAM, I was reading some words out loud. When I came to the word “retreat”, I was having difficulty reading the word as there was an “S” in the word, creating the word “RESTreat”. I asked the One present with me if there had always been an “S” in the word retreat, and I was told “YES!!”

Immediately following the dream, I had a very clear VISION of a GOPHER’S FACE. The gopher immediately LOOKED TO MY RIGHT. The vision ended.

Interpretation: I live in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. Here where I live, the Richardson Ground Squirrel (known on the prairies as a gopher) has been declared a PEST by the government of Saskatchewan, as it destroys farms and gardens in this region. This “PEST”, in my vision had literally turned its face toward my right (hand), so as to have its sight set on my prophetic writing gift.

In the dream, I was having difficulty with the “REST”, which is part of the garden retreat meant for me with the Lord. Not long before having this dream and vision, I had been meditating in Song of Solomon Chapter 2. Please follow along with me in this verse:

15) “Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.” (Song of Solomon 2:15 NASB)

In this verse, the Lord is instructing us to “catch the foxes”, i.e. PESTS, that are ruining the vineyards. Our vineyard/garden…the place of intimacy and rest in the Lord is under attack by PESTS. As I’ve sat with the Lord in this chapter and verse, what has also been brought to my attention is that our vineyard/garden is in blossom!!! This is a very important aspect of this verse, as blossoms PRECEDE the FRUIT!!!!

A few years ago, one of the crab apple trees in our yard had just put out its blossoms when suddenly a very strong windstorm came up and literally blew almost all of the blossoms right off the tree!!! That tree, which is normally a buffet full of food for squirrels and various kinds of birds throughout the fall and winter, was fruitless for the most part that year.

We can enjoy the time of blossom, but the blooms are NOT the endgame….it’s the FRUIT!!!

As I wrote into this scripture, and surrounding verses, I was made aware of some PESTS that were “ruining the garden” in my relationship with the Lord, during this crucial time of blooming!!! I had allowed some DISTRACTIONS to enter in, taking me away from the ultimate purpose of the time of blooming (in my life as a prophetic writer). Jesus was asking ME to catch those foxes (gophers….PESTS), so that there will be fruit in the next season!!!

I believe that there may be other prophetic writers who will feel this word is for them as well. We are being instructed to catch those pests that are in OUR garden!!! Holy Spirit will alert each of us to what those pests are in our own personal lives, and WE have a mandate to catch them!!! I encourage you to press in to your REST. Do NOT allow any PESTS (forms of distraction) to deter you from your intimacy with the Lord at this time.

If you are BLOSSOMING right now….BE AWARE, so you can be vigilant to discern and capture any and all distractions (in whatever form they come), and REMOVE them from your garden. Tend your gardens well, and CATCH THE FOXES/PESTS so that the season of FRUITFULNESS will come in its fullness!!!

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