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The war on Christmas, beware the ‘little foxes’

In the Song of Solomon, King Solomon warns about the ‘little foxes’ that spoil the vine. He warned that with grapes starting to flower they needed to brace themselves for the small foxes that would sneakily dart into the vineyard, grab the small immature grapes and run out before anyone could see them (Song of Solomon 2:15).

The rest and the pest

Recently, I had a dream followed by a vision that spoke very clearly to me in my calling as a prophetic writer. Others here may find this resonates with them as well in this season. In the DREAM, I was reading some words out loud. When I came to the word “retreat”, I was having difficulty reading the word as there was an “S” in the word, creating the word “RESTreat”. I asked the One present with me if there had always been an “S” in the word retreat, and I was told “YES!!” Immediately following the dream, I had a very clear VISION of a GOPHER’S FACE. The gopher immediately LOOKED TO MY RIGHT. The vision ended. Interpretation: I live in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. Here where I live, the Richardson Ground Squirrel (known on the prairies as a gopher) has been declared a PEST by the government of Saskatchewan, as it destroys farms and gardens in this region. This “PEST”, in my vision had literally turned its face toward my right (hand), …