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Poll: 45% of San Franciscans have been affected by crime

A poll conducted by the San Francisco Chronicle revealed that over the past five years, 45% of the residents of the city stated that they have experience theft and 24% said that they have been threatened or experienced violence, RT reports.

The same poll revealed that 65Overall, 65% stated that the city is going downhill. Of course, what else could you expect when you elect progressive politicians who believe the real victims are the criminals and are treating them with kid gloves.

Realizing there is a rapid deterioration taking place in the city, its progressive lawmakers are now asking for suggestions on how to bizarrely fix a problem they created with their soft-on-crime approach to justice.

Writing for the Daily Mail, David Marcus explains:

In the City by the Bay, 1,700 people have died from drug overdoses since the beginning of 2020. That is nearly 700 more fatalities than the county suffered from the Covid pandemic.

Mayor London Breed says she’s now ready to get serious about the problem, by putting an end to open-air drug markets, where users and dealers go about their crimes in full view of the public without any fear of law enforcement.[…]

City supervisors released a resolution for a vague ‘soft-touch’ initiative called ‘San Francisco Recovers.’

And here’s the catch, and it’s a doozy: the plan is being touted as, ‘a way that nobody’s going to jail but we’re doing an effective job of interrupting the drug market and drug scenes.’

READ: Nearly half of San Franciscans personally affected by crime – poll AND Lunatic progressives who turned San Fran into a fentanyl-ravaged hellhole are now begging for ideas to save the city. But there’s a ludicrous catch, reveals DAVID MARCUS — you can’t arrest anyone!

Meanwhile, in Illinois

Meanwhile, progressive lawmakers in Illinois are passing legislation to end cash bail in that state effective Jan 1, 2023. Already, people are warning of the dangerous consequences of this policy for society.

The Blaze provides more details:

On Tuesday, after a weekend in which over 50 people were shot in Chicago, Republican candidate for Illinois governor Darren Bailey suggested that things in the state were about to get much worse. […]

The SAFE-T Act, signed into law by Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker on January 22, 2021, abolishes cash bail, prevents police from detaining a suspect on the basis of a risk assessment, and gives felons sentenced to home detention far greater latitude. 

READ: Criticism mounts ahead of full implementation of Illinois ‘anti-police bill,’ which keep criminals and perverts on the streets

Soft-on-crime in Canada

And this soft-on-crime progressive politics is not limited to America.

In Saskatchewan, Canada, one of the men, Myles Sanderson, who participated in one of the largest mass murders in Canadian history, which saw 10 people murdered and 17 wounded in a knife attack, was wanted for violating his parole release.

Even though Sanderson was only 32 years old, he had 59 convictions and a history of violence, that included a previous stabbing assault. READ: Saskatchewan stabbing suspect raises concerns on parole release


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