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Tax revolt in California?

It’s hard to believe that there are actually San Franciscans talking about a tax revolt against their enlightened politicians.

But there are.

Apparently, among other things, small business owners are tired of having to sweep up human feces from the front of their stores, before they open their doors.

The Blaze reports:

Small business owners in San Francisco’s Castro District are demanding city officials take action to address the growing issues of crime, drug use, and homelessness in the area.

The Castro Merchants Association sent a letter to San Francisco city officials saying members of the group plan to stop paying taxes if the city doesn’t do more to address the issues.

In the letter, the association said people who are living on the streets “regularly experience psychotic episodes” and have vandalized storefronts and harassed business owners, employees, residents and tourists, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Of course, there are different ways of conducting a tax revolt. Some people are just choosing to leave San Francisco and California.

And it has been going on for a while, as people were fleeing San Francisco before COVID started and taking tax revenues with them, as the Times of San Diego explains:

The San Francisco Chronicle shed some light on that phenomenon when one of its reporters dove into Internal Revenue Service data that revealed favorite destinations of high-income former San Franciscans.

The newspaper found that 39,000 San Franciscans who had filed federal tax returns for 2018 had moved out of the city before filing 2019 returns. Collectively, they took $10.6 billion in income with them while people who moved to the city during that period reported just $3.8 billion in income.

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With so many people fleeing their enlightened state, California politicians are desperate to find new sources of revenue, such as taxing people living in other states. READ: How California is trying to tax residents in OTHER states

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