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Are lockdowns about crushing covid or businesses?

Many are questioning the motives behind left-leaning politicians who have destroyed their economies through lockdowns. If the lockdowns are really about ending COVID, then why did San Francisco allow government-run gyms to remain open while forcing privately-owned gyms to close?

The Blaze explains:

San Francisco gyms have been forced by the liberal city to remain closed for months as part of measures implemented to reduce the spread of coronavirus. But city leaders have applied different rules for fitness facilities used by city employees.

According to KNTV-TV, city-owned indoor gyms have been open for months, all while privately owned indoor gyms have struggled to stay afloat. The result, KNTV reported, is “crushing private gym owners.”

Daniele Rabkin, who owns Crossfit Golden Gate, told KNTV the city’s actions are “shocking” and “infuriating.”

READ: San Fran keeps private gyms closed, but has reopened city-owned gyms. Furious owners call out city leaders.

Or maybe it is just another example of do as I say, but not as I do.

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