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‘God give us strength’ found scrawled on the walls of a Russian torture chamber in Ukraine

After Ukraine liberated the city of Kherson earlier this month, they discovered the horrors of a Russian torture chamber, where one person had scrawled the words, “God give us strength,’ along with a cross, on a wall. The Russians had captured the city during the early days (February to March) of its invasion of Ukraine but were forced to abandon the capital city of the Oblast Region after relentless pressure from Ukraine. The Daily Mail reports: Among the sinister finds were gas masks and bottles of liquid – now being analysed – while inmates had scrawled ‘God, give us strength’ on the walls and made markings to count the days they had been held. In inhumane conditions, the invaders interrogated ‘local patriots’ who ‘refused to cooperate with the enemy’, said the Ukrainian government. The torture chamber is the latest of several that have been uncovered in the city, abandoned by Russia as they faced defeat at the hands of Ukraine’s advancing army. Horrifying testimony has started to emerge from victims of Russian torture while investigators …

Joining together in praying for Ukraine

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a service at a Ukrainian Orthodox church. Having come from an Evangelical background, there was one thing that I found very unusual. Even though the church was based in North America, as the priest performed various rituals, he prayed for the military at least three or four times during that one service. I can’t remember a time during an Evangelical service when someone actually prayed for the military. This is not to say it didn’t happen, but it never caught my attention like it did that morning. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone. For a church that finds its roots in Ukraine, it reflects the country’s deep insecurity, as it has been the target of war and occupation by megalomaniacs and tyrants for centuries. People still remember Josef Stalin’s forced starvation of millions of Ukrainian farmers under the country’s brutal occupation by the former Soviet Union after it supposedly rescued Ukraine from its occupation by Nazi Germany. So, the church prays for the country’s military. And today, …

Comparing Canada’s Emergency Act with Ukraine’s

As you may have heard, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has ended the Emergency Act. Coincidentally, it occurred on the same day that Ukraine invoked its Emergency Act. READ: Ukraine imposes state of emergency One of the major concerns in Canada is that the Prime Minister can only invoke the Emergency Act during a serious national crisis, threatening the security of the nation. So let’s compare what happened in Canada with what is going on in Ukraine. Trudeau: While, Trudeau was fighting off bouncy castles during the Ottawa protests. Apparently, once they are set up, the walls are impossible to breach: Ukraine: The Ukraine was facing missile attacks in its capital city: And Russian helicopter attacks: Trudeau: While Trudeau was dealing with the massive security threat of people dancing in the streets during the Ottawa protests: Ukraine: Ukraine was watching Russian troops and tanks enter its territory: So who had the bigger emergency? It’s too close to call, so I will let you decide. RELATED: Putin declares war on Ukraine as deadly missile strikes plunge …

Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Credit: Youtube capture

Birthed in suffering: The enchanting music of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

A friend recently attended a performance by the Christian group Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus that is currently touring Canada. She described it was one of the most incredible events she has ever attended, Christian or secular. Oddly this group from the Ukraine, now working under Music Mission Kyiv, was not always Christian. A year after the fall of Soviet Union in December 1991, an Episcopalian church in Kiev, Ukraine invited American Christian choral director Roger McMurrin to present Handel’s Messiah. The atheistic communist government had forbid sacred music and Handel’s Messiah had not been played in the Ukraine for an estimated 70 years. After his arrival in 1992, McMurrin who had served as choral director for several churches in the US, hired a local symphony and 37 singers to put on the Christian classic. The performance had a profound impact on the people, the media and the choral group. McMurrin described the presentation as an “explosion of light.” On his flight home to America, God asked McMurrin to move back to the Ukraine, to …

The Putin ISIS War … and Nehemiah

What Nehemiah Did and How You Can Do Anything: Chapter 5 and conclusion, Locate the North Star. [by Sandy McIntosh] Today we have ISIS, a militant group that has kidnapped and sold young women as slaves, beheaded Egyptian Christians with knives, and burned a Jordanian pilot with gasoline, in a cage. The group strives with great energy, but success eludes them. We also have Vladimir Putin in Russia who lost controlling influence over Ukraine when its corrupt government collapsed. He responded by occupying Ukrainian Crimea, resulting in the devastation of that region’s economy. Crimea was followed by the subversive invasion of eastern Ukraine. Affected areas of Ukraine are now in ruins and the population is growing desperate. Success also eludes Mr Putin, in spite of his great efforts.

Baptist pastor Oleksandr Turchynov now Ukraine’s acting President as country faces revolution

The Ukraine is on the brink of civil war and separation as the country’s east and west face off. The man put in charge of holding the country together is Baptist pastor Oleksandr Turchynov, 49. He was recently elected interim president by the Ukraine government. His appointment came after the sudden departure of former President Viktor Yanukovych who was under increasing pressure from Ukrainian citizens opposed to the country’s growing ties with Russia.