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‘God give us strength’ found scrawled on the walls of a Russian torture chamber in Ukraine

After Ukraine liberated the city of Kherson earlier this month, they discovered the horrors of a Russian torture chamber, where one person had scrawled the words, “God give us strength,’ along with a cross, on a wall.

Russian torture chamber: Along with the cross were written the words, ‘Pray God for us. God, give us strength. God, save and protect’

The Russians had captured the city during the early days (February to March) of its invasion of Ukraine but were forced to abandon the capital city of the Oblast Region after relentless pressure from Ukraine.

The Daily Mail reports:

Among the sinister finds were gas masks and bottles of liquid – now being analysed – while inmates had scrawled ‘God, give us strength’ on the walls and made markings to count the days they had been held.

In inhumane conditions, the invaders interrogated ‘local patriots’ who ‘refused to cooperate with the enemy’, said the Ukrainian government.

The torture chamber is the latest of several that have been uncovered in the city, abandoned by Russia as they faced defeat at the hands of Ukraine’s advancing army.

Horrifying testimony has started to emerge from victims of Russian torture while investigators have in recent days uncovered 63 mutilated bodies of Ukrainians.

READ: Ukraine uncovers torture dungeon in Kherson where prisoners scrawled ‘God give us strength’ on walls as 63 bodies of victims are found after ‘horror movie’ Russian occupation

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