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Comparing Canada’s Emergency Act with Ukraine’s

As you may have heard, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has ended the Emergency Act. Coincidentally, it occurred on the same day that Ukraine invoked its Emergency Act. READ: Ukraine imposes state of emergency

One of the major concerns in Canada is that the Prime Minister can only invoke the Emergency Act during a serious national crisis, threatening the security of the nation.

So let’s compare what happened in Canada with what is going on in Ukraine.


While, Trudeau was fighting off bouncy castles during the Ottawa protests. Apparently, once they are set up, the walls are impossible to breach:


The Ukraine was facing missile attacks in its capital city:

And Russian helicopter attacks:


While Trudeau was dealing with the massive security threat of people dancing in the streets during the Ottawa protests:


Ukraine was watching Russian troops and tanks enter its territory:

So who had the bigger emergency? It’s too close to call, so I will let you decide. RELATED: Putin declares war on Ukraine as deadly missile strikes plunge country into bloodshed

Why did Trudeau end the Emergency Act?

There are several legal challenges underway arguing that Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Act, did not come close to meeting the level of emergency and threat demanded by the Act.

Though Trudeau was allowed to invoke the Emergency Act, he still needed the approval of both the House of Commons and the Senate to continue it.

With the support of the NDP, Trudeau had won approval in the House of Commons, but unexpectedly, Trudeau decided to end the Emergency Act before the Senate voted on it.

While Trudeau was experiencing worldwide shame for invoking the Act, if he had both the support of the House and the Senate, it would solidify his position that it was necessary.

All he had to do was wait until after the Senate voted before ending the state of emergency.

But he didn’t.

I suspect, Prime Minister Trudeau was worried the Senate would vote against it, which would have resulted in worldwide ridicule.

READ: Trudeau-appointed senator to vote against Emergencies Act continuation

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