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Are tyrants sensing a weakness in the US?

Recent developments suggest that two despots may be sensing a weakness in the US. That American may be unwilling to intervene, if these tyrants decide to seize new territory.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is sabre rattling as Russian troops amass along the border of the Ukraine and recent moves by China’s communist tyrant for life, Xi Jinping, suggests an invasion of Taiwan may also be imminent.

Is the timing of these moves by two communist regimes just a coincidence?

The Daily Mail explains the Russian situation:

Russia has warned the US to keep its warships away from Crimea ‘for their own good’ as it accused Washington and NATO of turning the region into a ‘powder keg’ amid soaring tensions on the Ukraine border.  

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called Washington’s decision to deploy two ships to the Black Sea ‘a provocation’ designed ‘to test our nerves’ as he branded the US ‘an adversary’ of Russia, ramping up a war of words between the two nuclear-armed superpowers. 

The USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt, two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, are thought to be on their way to the Black Sea from a naval base in Spain and due to arrive tomorrow and Thursday, according to Turkish sources which are responsible for policing the straits leading to the sea. 

READ: Russia warns US to keep warships away from Crimea ‘for their own good’: Moscow accuses the West of turning region into ‘powder keg’ as NATO says ‘we stand with Ukraine’

Some believe Putin’s move is a deliberate test of US President Joe Biden’s leadership. READ: Vladimir Putin tests US with more Russian troops on Ukraine border

The Daily Caller explains what is happening in Taiwan:

The U.S. military is concerned that an attack on Taiwan by Chinese forces is imminent, which could trigger a significant increase in tensions between the two countries.

Military officials are suspecting that China’s government is accelerating a timetable for attacking and possibly seizing control of the island following years of building tensions and disputes over sovereignty, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

“We have indications that the risks are actually going up,” Admiral Philip Davidson told a Senate panel in March.

READ: US Military Says Chinese Attack On Taiwan Accelerating As Taiwan Threatens War ‘To The Very Last Day’

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