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More concerns about a China-based corporation buying land near a US Air force base

Communist China National Congress
Credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/Voice of America

As reported earlier, concerns have been raised about how a corporation based in Communist China is purchasing and building on American property located near a US Air Force base.

After news of this leaked out concerns were immediately raised that this could potentially be used to spy on the neighboring base.

And now we have this:

READ: Path opens for Fufeng project after federal agencies determine land deal was ‘not covered’ by CFIUS

This is not the only American air force base with property owned by a corporation based out of communist China nearby.

Meanwhile, in Canada

A recently released report in Canada stated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) interfered in the 2019 Federal election by trying to influence at least 11 political candidates in Canada.

There has been a correction to that report.

It actually stated that the CCP was trying to influence 11 candidates in just the Toronto area. Who knows how many were being influenced nationwide?:

Everyone wants the names.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, responds to the CCP’s election interference:

In 2016: Prime Minister Trudeau was grilled on fundraisers he held while on a foreign trip in Liberia, where people, including Chinese billionaires, were able to buy access to Canada’s head of state. READ: Trudeau defends donations by Chinese billionaires

On November 20, 2022: Prime Minister Trudeau told the media he had never been briefed on the CCP’s interference in Canada’s election. READ: No intelligence briefing happened on Chinese interference in election: Trudeau

On December 13, 2022: Global News released information about a report by CSIS, Canada’s intelligence agency, that the CCP was interfering in our 2019 federal election by trying to influence at least 11 potential candidates in the Toronto Area. CSIS added that it had provided this information to Prime Minister Trudeau. READ: Secret 2020 Privy Council Office memo found ‘active foreign interference network’ in 2019 election

The Chinese Communist Party has, of course, denied all allegations.

If this is happening in Canada, it’s taking place in the US and other countries as well.

RELATED NEWS FROM THE UK: Furious Tories slam ministers for allowing Chinese diplomats who assaulted a pro-democracy protester in Manchester to quietly ‘flee like cowards’ instead of having them arrested – as Beijing threatens retaliation

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