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President Biden sets up a ‘Ministry of Truth’?

Reminiscent of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s infamous dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, there are reports that President Joe Biden has set up a similar office called the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

US natural gas company warns of blackouts this winter if pipeline shut down

Spire Energy, a natural gas supplier based in Missouri, just sent out an email to all its customers warning that they should brace for blackouts this winter if US President Joe Biden shuts down another American pipeline. Spire Energy provides natural gas to 1.7 million people in Mississippi, Missouri and Alabaman. According to the Western Journal, the STL pipeline that runs between Illinois and Missouri went into service in 2019 and supplies gas not only to 650,000 homes in St Louis and area but also in neighbouring states. Shortly after it went into operation, the Environmental Defense Fund sued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stating it had not provided the proper permits for the pipeline. This prompted an emergency review of the STL pipeline scheduled for Nov 18, 2021. If this pipeline is shut down, it will result in natural gas shortages this winter. READ: Power Company Warns Customers of Blackouts as Biden Admin Considers Shutting Yet Another Pipeline With winter approaching, one would think that common sense would say keep the pipeline open. …

Mile-wide Christians

A recent poll conducted by the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University headed by George Barna uncovered some questionable beliefs about those who self-identify as Christians in America. In the poll, about 69% of Americans (176 million) self-identified as Christian. And though that number seem impressive, it falls inline with that old saying of being a mile wide, but only one inch deep. The poll revealed that self-identification does not necessarily refer to a Biblical definition of Christianity. They are Christian only in the sense that they grew up in what could loosely be described as a Christian home. They don’t regularly attend religious services, but if they did, it would be a Christian one. So in that sense they follow the Christian tradition, more than they follow Christian beliefs. And this showed up, as the poll exposed the actual beliefs of these self-identifying Christians: For example, 72% of self-identified Christians believe that everyone is basically good. And this almost perfectly corresponds with their response to the another question, where only 34% said that …

OPEC says NO, after Biden begs for more oil

After effectively shutting down America’s oil industry by cancelling oil and gas leases and, as well, the Keystone pipeline, last week US President Joe Biden was begging OPEC to increase oil production as American citizens are being pummelled with 40%+ increase in gas prices since January this year. Well, according to Reuters, OPEC has decided. The answer is ‘No’. They will not be increasing oil production. READ: OPEC+ Rejects Biden’s Call to Pump More Oil This is what happens when you make yourself dependent on the charity of others in your attempt to appease the environmental radicals in the Democrat Party. Apparently, Russia is now an unofficial member of OPEC, an international oil cartel that includes some of America’s dearest friends such as Iran, that limits production to keep oil prices high.

Study: Murder increase in major US cities in 2020 unprecedented

According to a study recently published by the National Commission of COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, there has been significant increase in murders in major American cities in 2020 over 2019. This included a 43% increase in murders in New York City. The study described the year over year increase as being without precedent in modern times. The Western Journal explains: The report from the National Commission of COVID-19 and Criminal Justice titled “Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities” said homicide rates in 34 cities jumped 30 percent from 2019 to 2020. “The coronavirus pandemic and protests over police violence are likely contributors, along with yet-to-be-identified additional factors,” the authors of the report wrote. According to the report, a nation on edge amid COVID-19 fears and lockdowns was already topping 2019 in homicides when Black Lives Matter-fueled protests erupted in cities such as Minneapolis and Kenosha, Wisconsin. Homicide rates “increased significantly in June, well after the pandemic began, coinciding with the death of George Floyd and the mass protests that followed. Overall, homicide rates …

Will fighting climate change stop an Alien invasion?

As US President Joe Bind signed several executive orders on his first day in office, including stopping the Keystone pipeline and banning fracking on government land, he was threatening the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Americans. But several prominent Democrats rose up to defend Biden’s decisions. This included MSNBC host, Joy Reid, who said our failure to fight climate change may result in an invasion by Aliens from outer space. Apparently, Star Wars is a documentary, not a movie. The Daily Caller reports: MSNBC host Joy Reid said Wednesday that if aliens ever did attack earth, it might be because humans failed to take the proper steps to fight climate change. Reid spoke with White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy about the executive orders President Joe Biden had signed earlier in the day, making climate change a national security priority forms administration. “The actions include elevating climate change to a national security priority, suspending new leases for natural gas and oil development on federal lands and water, and directing the government to rely …

The Mad Hatter’s Invitation

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is in full swing and we’re all invited. Like it or not the craziness of the American elections and that country’s fall into violent insanity affects us all. That the election was not clean is beyond dispute. Neither is the influence of anti-Conservative violence and the biases of the media and social media giants.  If you don’t believe me about the media, just remember that the more adjectives one uses, the less objective they are. Then listen to CBC or CNN and how they cover different political viewpoints. Since Donald Trump became president four years ago the left followed the urging of Hillary Clinton and took the streets. The protests were fed into a frenzy by the Democratic leadership and eventually the anti-Trump movement became thug led riots. Often people wearing Trump’s, Make America Great Again hats were assaulted and threatened. Anyone who voiced support for Trump put themselves and their families at risk of physical harm, job loss, and public shaming. This is not democracy. This is mob rule. …

‘Pretty impressive’ & ‘Very strange’ mail-in votes

The Daily Wire writes: The morning following Election Day, with no declared winner, President Donald Trump sounded off about his seeming lead dissipating overnight in key states, such as Michigan, Pennsylvanian, and Nevada.  “Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled,” the president tweeted. “Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted,” he said. “VERY STRANGE.” READ: ‘VERY STRANGE’: Trump: Watched My Lead ‘Magically Disappear As Surprise Ballot Dumps’ Counted RELATED: Texas county commissioner and three others arrested over election that was allegedly stolen through mail ballot fraud AND Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

Poll: 98% of US socialists reject Biblical worldview

A recent poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by the Cultural Research Center discovered that 98% of those who believe in Socialism reject Christianity and its Biblical world view. In its news release, the Cultural Research Center stated: More than eight out of ten (83%) integrated disciples (i.e., individuals who possess a biblical worldview) prefer capitalism to socialism. In comparison, just half of those who do not have that worldview prefer capitalism (50%). Stated differently, 98% of the adults who prefer socialism do not have a biblical worldview! This shouldn’t come as a surprise as radical leftist rioters in Portland were caught a few weeks back burning Bibles. The poll, conducted by Barna Research Center, was interesting in another way as well. In addition to asking what people believed, it also asked what people did, to ensure that what they did corresponded with what they believed. In an interview with the Western Journal, George Barna explained the reasoning behind this: “People do what they believe. So if you tell me you believe something but you’re not willing to act on …

US weekly unemployment claims drop below 1 million

The US economic recovery is ahead of schedule. For the first time since the coronavirus lockdowns began, the number of people making unemployment claims fell below the one million mark, on a weekly measure. The Daily Wire explains: During the week ending on Aug. 8, roughly 963,000 workers filed unemployment claims, according to data released by the Department of Labor on Thursday. The number came in lower than expected as economists predicted that claims numbers would remain about the 1 million mark, according to Fox Business. […] The better than expected unemployment report is another sign that the U.S. economy may be on the path to recovery despite fears of a second wave of the disease and some states re-imposing strict lockdown orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The unemployment rate peaked at 15% in April but fell to 10.2% in July. READ: Weekly Unemployment Claims Beat Expectations, Fall Under 1M For First Time Since Pandemic Began

Shane Warren shares a prophetic vision of America

I hadn’t heard of Shane Warren, who pastors as church called The Assembly in West Monroe, LA. But I was familiar with West Monroe, which is home of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame. I think Warren received this prophetic vision back in 2013 and the video is from an interview he did on the Jim Bakker show in 2018, when Warren shared what he saw. POSSIBLY RELATED: ‘This Is Reparations!’: BLM Chicago Defends Looting, Holds Rally For ‘Protesters’ Arrested In Sunday’s Riots

VIDEOS: Who are communism’s ‘useful idiots’?

Below are a three videos that may help explains the recent activities of the radical left in America. In the first video, former Lieutenant Colonel Allen West explains the term ‘useful idiots’, that was coined by Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, to describe those who paved the way for the introduction of communism into a nation. In the second video, G. Edward Griffin, discusses the book Color, Communism and Commons Sense, that was written by a Black man, Manning Johnson, who left the communist movement in the early 1920s, when he realized the Marxists wanted to use the racial problems in the US to destroy America. And of course, I would be completely remiss, if I didn’t include a video of one the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement who says she is a trained Marxist:

Church near Weeping Water, Nebraska Credit: rich/flickr/Creative Commons

Despite what the media says, study states Christianity thriving in America

Though there have been reports in the mainline media indicating a decline in religious beliefs among Americans, it is a bit misleading. It leaves the impression that faith is decaying on all fronts. That is not true. According to a report released by Landon Schnabel and Sean Bock professors at Harvard and Indiana University (based in Bloomington), any declines in religious attendance are only being noticed in liberal or what they classify as moderate religions. The numbers for those with a strong faith and literal belief in the Bible remains strong. According Schnabel and Bock, the number of Evangelical Christians as a percentage of the American population grew from 18% in 1972 to 28% in 1989 and that percentage has held true since then. In their report, they describe Evangelical faith as intense and persistent. However, the same can not be said for liberal or moderate churches, those who no longer believe in the Bible. Over the same period, their numbers declined from 35% in 1972 to 12% in 2016. Schnabel and Bock note: “But …

Jerusalem, Israel's capital city Credit: Deror avi/Wikipedia

Uproar as America decides to move its embassy to Jerusalem

It has been a very unusual situation. Since Israel was restored as a sovereign nation in 1948, Jerusalem has been its capital city. Yet no foreign embassies are found in Israel’s capital like they typically are with other nations. Instead, the embassies are located in Tel Aviv, 67 kms away. It was a move done to try to appease the Palestinians and hopefully have them sign a peace treaty with Israel. Of course that never happened and will never happen, because how can you appease an enemy that in its own charter calls for the complete annihilation of Israel. In its covenant or charter written in 1998, the terrorist group Hamas which helps control Palestine states: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” With this as one of its stated goals, Hamas is not interested in peace. So when President Trump announced Wednesday morning that he would be moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, the Palestinians were outraged. But they were outraged …

Groom, Texas Credit: maciek/Flickr/Creative Commons

Report: Persecution of American Christians up 133% between 2001 and 2016

A report recently released by First Liberty Institute (FLI) entitled “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America” outlines the growing number of attacks on religious liberty in America. Founded in 1972, First Liberty Institute fights for religious liberty in the US through advocacy and litigation by providing pro-bono legal defense to those being persecuted or discriminated against for their faith. According to the organization’s report, the number attacks on Christians jumped by 15% between 2015 and 2016. Since FLI started tracking attacks on religious liberty in 2001, the number has increased by 133% over the following five years. In 2011, FLI reported 600 attacks on religious liberty and by 2016 the number had reached 1,400. FLI’s CEO Kelly Shackelford noted that the cases they cited are just the ones that were published. She described them as just the “tip of the iceberg” as many cases of faith persecution and discrimination are simply not reported. This is not even referring to the number of attacks on Christians that now routinely take place in the …

Faith: Some good news and some bad news as the ‘nones’ pull into second place

[by Dean Smith] Rush Ministries (Reaching Unchurched Students for Him) just held a major evangelistic event in Thomaston, Georgia on May 5th, 2015, where according to reports over 950 people accepted Christ. The goal of the organization, that was formed in 2004, is to equip and motivate students to share their faith with other students. Over 7,000 people attended this year’s event that featured Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame and more recently Dancing with the Stars. She apparently even showed off some dance moves. Other speakers included Lecrae, a Grammy winning Christian rapper. His song Anomaly was #1 on Billboard’s top 200. Both Lecrae and Robertson shared their testimony.

Could the next American President be a Christian from Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

I was reading a post on about Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. According to reports, there is a 90% chance he will seek the Republican nomination for President. Of course, this doesn’t mean he will win the Republican nomination and if he does that he will win the American presidency in elections scheduled for 2016. But he is definitely a Christian and the NBC article focused on some statements Cruz recently made at a Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. Throughout his career, Cruz has been forthright about his Christian faith. In a rare move, Cruz spoke about his troubled life because of the alcoholic lifestyle of both his parents. In his speech, Ted said that faith in Christ rescued his family. When he was three years old, his father abandoned the family. Cruz said:

2013 Bible survey reveals Americans are concerned about the rapid changes taking place in society

In 2013, the American Bible Society (ABS) surveyed Americans to find out their views and usage of the Bible. The survey is conducted annually on behalf of ABS by the Barna Group, a major surveying company in the U.S. The survey showed, for example, that one in six people bought a Bible in 2013 and there is an average of 4.4 Bibles per home in America. But there was one result that did more than reveal their thoughts on the Bible, it also showed the profound concerns Americans have about the dramatic changes taking place in their society. Curiously, the survey also suggested this change is occurring at a very rapid pace. 

The brave new America: Threatening grieving mothers?

There has been a radical change in America over the past few years and perhaps the Devaney cross in many ways symbolizes this transformation. When 19-year-old Anthony Devaney died after being hit by a car while crossing a street in Lake Elsinore, California in May 2012, his grieving mother AnnMarie Devaney wanted to mark the spot by putting up a cross. She and her family erected the cross near where Anthony died in December of the same year. But according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise (RPE), when the Washington D.C.-based, American Humanist Association found out about the cross, they immediately sent the family a demand letter ordering the cross removed because it was on government property — a city right-of-way.

Do you live in the most Bible-minded city in the U.S. or the least?

The American Bible Society and the Barna Group, a national research and surveying company, joined together to measure the spiritual temperature of some of America’s largest cities. The survey conducted in August 2013 asked 46,274 adults of 100 cities questions determining how often they read the Bible and how accurate they believed the Bible was. This was the second year in a row, Barna has tried to measure the Christian spirituality of American cities. This year, Chattanooga, TN topped the list as the most Bible-minded city knocking off Knoxville, TN, who headed the list last year.