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Nearly 90% of Americans believe in some form of New Age belief, survey finds

According to a poll conducted by YouGov most Americans hold at least one ‘new-age’ belief, that is contrary to Biblical doctrine, Christian Post reports.

In the poll conducted in August 2022, YouGov provided a list of 20 New Age beliefs and asked Americans to select the ones they believed in, if any.

The poll found that 87% of Americans believed in at least one new age belief and that 45% believed in at least five of them.

As part of the survey, the people were asked how important religion was to them and 38% responded that it was very important with 22% stating it wasn’t important at all.

The following is a list of some of the more popular new-age beliefs and the percentage of Americans who held them:

Karma (55% of Americans believe in this)

According to Buddhist/Hindu tradition, karma is a force generated by a person’s actions and results in negative or positive consequences. A modern American reinterpretation of this is ‘what goes around, comes around’.

Hypnosis (41% believe this)

Hypnosis is defined as a trance-like state of consciousness, similar to sleep, where an individual is more open to the suggestions of others. Others define it as a deep sense of relaxation. It is generally believed that people can’t be hypnotized against their will and that they have to open themselves up to it.

UFOs and extraterrestrials (39%)

Nearly 40% of Americans believe in extraterrestrials even though there is no evidence of their existence. Surprisingly other polls revealed that 85% of atheists, who claim they don’t believe in God because there is no evidence of His existence, do believe in aliens. READ: For Atheists, the Idea of Aliens Seems Real. Religious People Doubt it.

Law of Attraction (29%)

Similar to karma, the law of attraction states that people release energy, positive or negative, that attracts to you what you are emanating. If you are giving off negative vibes or fears, these will attract similar negative actions to you.

Pantheism (28%)

This is the belief that all matter, including animals and vegetation, is divine. It basically believes that God’s consciousness exists in everything. The survey found that a similar percentage strongly agreed with the statement “Everything is God and God is everything,” while 22% said they somewhat believed this.

Reincarnation (27%)

Nearly 30% of Americans believe at their death a person’s consciousness will be reborn as a different creature, human, animal, bird or even vegetable, depending on how they lived their previous life. RELATED: Man is stung to death while TALKING to a swarm of bees he believed were the reincarnation of his ancestors

Astrology (26%)

A significant percentage of Americans believe that the alignment and movement of the stars impact our life on earth.

Parallel realities (24%)

This is the belief that there exist alternate parallel realities to what a person is currently experiencing. Some believe that at times these alternate realities can intersect with your current reality. Others suggest there are alternate universes.

Telepathy (24%)

Nearly a quarter of Americans believe that humans are able to communicate with each other, using other things than our senses. The most common form of this is that people can communicate with others via their thoughts.

Citing the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion, the Christian Post adds that new age philosophy was first introduced to America early in the last century, by people who claimed they were receiving telepathic messages from aliens living on other planets. These aliens were supposedly bringing in an enlightened new age for earth.

READ: Most Americans believe in karma, over 25% believe in reincarnation, astrology: survey

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