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It wasn’t the answer the NY Times was looking for when it asked who was the biggest threat to democracy

The New York Times building in New York City
Credit: Ajay Suresh/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

I am sure it wasn’t the answer that the New York Times was looking for when it conducted a survey to find out who registered voters considered to be the biggest threat to democracy.

I suspect the NY Times was wanting the answer to be former President Donald Trump, but instead, Americans said that the mainstream media are the biggest threat to democracy.

Fox News reports:

Stunning data from a New York Times/Siena poll find the majority of registered voters believe the media is a “threat” to democracy. 

The poll details released Tuesday showed that a whopping 71% of the 792 registered voters questioned say “American democracy is currently under threat.”

Among those who fear for democracy, 84% of them, or roughly 60% of all registered voters, view “mainstream media” as some sort of threat. A majority, 59%, call the media a “major threat to democracy” while an additional 25% call it a “minor threat to democracy.” Only 15% who say democracy is under threat do not blame the media.

READ: Majority of registered voters say the media is a ‘threat to democracy,’ poll finds

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