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Majority of Americans believe in religious freedom for medical professionals

A survey conducted by Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in late September and early October 2022 revealed that 73% of Americans believe physicians should be able to opt out of performing certain medical procedures if they violate the doctor’s religious beliefs.

This would include such things as abortions, assisted suicide and sex change operations.

The survey also found that 62% of Americans believe that hospitals with a religious affiliation should not be forced to offer abortions as part of their medical services.

Despite these positive results, the survey found that only 50% of Americans realized that Religious Freedom is protected in the US Constitution.

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These survey results were released shortly after the US Court of Appeals unanimously struck down a mandate put forward by the Biden Administration that would force Christian doctors to participate in gender-transition procedures and abortions.

Based on its interpretation of Section 1557 of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, covering issues that could potentially restrict an individual’s right to transition, the Biden administration believed doctors could be forced to participate in procedures that violated their religious conscience.

This meant they could no longer recommend other doctors to their patients, but had to personally do it.

The Franciscan Alliance and Christian Medical and Dental Society, with the assistance of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, had challenged the Biden Administration in court over its interpretation of the law.

After the resounding loss, the Biden Administration has apparently decided not to appeal the decision.

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