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Death threats against Christians in America

PJ Media reports that a Newman Center, based at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, received a note threatening violence if it hosted an event with a pro-life group called Students for Life.

Newman Centers, operated by Roman Catholic students, provide support for Catholic students attending universities across America.

The threat purported to be from the radical pro-abortion group, Janes Revenge, actually threatened violence with AR14 rifles, KETV reports.

A letter, posted on the door where the meeting was to be held, read:

Dear Dan Andrews,

If our right to abortion in Bellevue is taken away due to the attempt to pass an abortion ban and it gets passed we will shoot up your Newman center with our new AR14 rifles. Sincerely, Jane’s Revenge

READ: ‘Janes Revenge’ Abortion Zealots Threaten to ‘Shoot Up’ Catholic Newman Center With ‘New AR14 Rifles’ AND Omaha, Douglas County authorities investigating threat of violence to Newman Center AND Catholic Student Center in Nebraska Receives Shooting Threat, Signed ‘Jane’s Revenge’

Though a spokesperson for the Newman Center said they refused to be intimidated by these extremists, there are genuine concerns about the seriousness of the threat.

In June, shortly after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, Fox News reports that a pro-life pregnancy center in New York City was firebombed, causing extensive damage.

Those allegedly involved in the attack left a message scrawled on the outside wall of the facility that read, ‘Jane Was Here’. READ: New York pro-life pregnancy center allegedly ‘firebombed’ by left-wing group, investigation launched

And it is not just pro-life groups that are being threatened

The same thing happened to Jack Philips, who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, after he refused to design a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Philips told Fox News that it got so bad, he was the only one answering their home phone, because his wife and daughter were also having their lives threatened by the extremists.

Phillips was willing to sell the couple a cake but refused to decorate it with a gay wedding theme.

READ: Colorado baker: Death threats and hate for refusing to make gay wedding cake

A Christian graphic designer from Colorado, whose case is currently before the US Supreme Court, has also received death threats after she refused to design a website supporting gay marriage.

She is fighting back against the state of Colorado which believes it can compel people to “promote views they disagree with.”

READ: ‘I’ve Received Many Death Threats’: Christian Graphic Designer Heading to Supreme Court Reveals Backlash, Her Refusal to Back Down

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