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Americans will have a 1 in 179 chance of being killed if the current murder rate trend continues, study reports

A recent study conducted by Just Facts reports that if the current murder rate continues that Americans will have a one in 179 chance of being murdered.

Breitbart provides more details on the study:

The organization explained in a study published on November 4:

Based on a misunderstanding of new FBI data, NewsNation is reporting that 14,677 murders occurred in the U.S. during 2021, a supposedly large decline from 2020. In reality, that figure is far from complete, and comprehensive records from death certificates show that about 24,493 people were murdered in 2021.

Murders have become so common over the past two years that if the murder rate remains at the 2021 level, one out of every 179 people in the U.S. will eventually be murdered. Yet, certain politicians and media outlets are downplaying this bloodshed, while others are blaming it on Covid—a claim at odds with the facts.

Just Facts argues that the FBI and legacy media are trying to downplay the murder epidemic by citing incomplete data.

They are using a system where police departments automatically upload crime data. However, not every police department has implemented this program.

READ: Study: If Murder Rate Continues, One Out of Every 179 Americans Will Be Slain

Many are blaming America’s rising crime rates on woke politicians and District Attorneys who are implementing soft-on crime policies and are repeatedly attacking law enforcement and calling for them to be defunded.

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Jesus tried to warn us about these days:

12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12 ESV)

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