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American Hispanic protestant churches reporting growth

According to a survey conducted by Lifeway Research, Hispanic churches across the US have seen significant growth in recent years, Christian Headlines reports.

The survey found that most of the Hispanic churches (54%) were started after 2000 including 32% after 2010.

Lifeway Executive Director Scott McConnell described the growth as remarkable. He added while many of the churches sprung out of English-speaking churches, he said that 14% of the Hispanic churches originated from within Hispanic communities themselves.

Additionally, with 58% of their congregation members being first-generation Americans, meaning they were born outside the US, 53% of the services are conducted in Spanish only and 22% of Hispanic churches hold bilingual services.

The Hispanic churches are also active in evangelization with 79% of pastors reporting that they schedule regular evangelistic activities for their churches. This ranges from official outreaches such as door-to-door evangelism to holding festivals and other community activities where members can invite neighbors and friends.

Nearly half the churches (47%) report they have seen ten or more people making commitments to Christ through these activities during the previous year.

As well, 99% of Hispanic pastors agree (94% said they strongly agreed) that the Bible is the final authority for the church and believers.

Though the survey found that 32% of Hispanic churches experienced growth during the COVID pandemic and 13% stated their attendance is the same as it was pre-covid, average attendance has dropped from 136 in January 2020 to an average of 115 today.

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