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Masterpiece Bakeshop is back in court again

Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado
Credit: Jeffrey Beall/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Jack Phillips, a Christian baker based in Lakewood, Colorado, is back in court again after a transgender woman asked his company, Masterpiece Cakeshop, to make a cake celebrating her transition to a woman, CBN reports.

The shop had initially agreed to make the cake, but then changed its mind, when told about the intent of the cake.

The transgender woman took the shop to the Colorado Human Rights Commission which ruled the baking company had violated the transgender woman’s rights by refusing to make the cake.

Phillips, who is being represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), stated in the first court case that he did not agree with the idea that a person could change genders,

After losing the initial court challenge, Phillips is appealing to Colorado’s Supreme Court arguing that people should not be forced to support or promote views that they do not agree with, calling it a violation of a person’s free speech.

ADF noted:

“No American should be bullied or banished from the marketplace simply for living and working consistently with their faith. But this new lawsuit threatens to do just that.”

“Opponents of religious freedom want to strip away our freedom to live and work consistently with our deeply held beliefs. And they’re going to extreme lengths to punish those—like Jack—who are willing to stand for their faith.”

In a statement, the ADF added that the Colorado Human Rights Commission (CHRC) has allowed other bake shops the freedom to refuse making cakes for causes they did not believe in. However, the CHRC has targeted a Christian bakeshop owner for making similar choices.

Phillips added that he is willing to make cakes for anyone, but will not design cakes with specific messages that he does not support. This also includes cakes with erotic themes, anti-American messages and those insulting other people.

Since 2012, Masterpiece Cakeshop had been in and out of court for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. In 2018, the US Supreme Court stated that the Colorado Human Rights Commission had overstepped its authority in penalizing Phillips and added that the commission had an ‘anti-religious’ bias.

Since that initial challenge 10 years ago, Phillip’s family has also been constantly harassed because of their faith and has even received death threats.

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