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Euthanasia is Canada’s sixth leading cause of death

According to the Daily Caller, euthanasia is now one of Canada’s leading causes of death.

With nearly 10,000 Medically Assistance in Dying (MAid) conducted in 2021, the Daily Caller reports it is now the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

With those numbers likely to increase, some medical associations are demanding that euthanasia no longer be included as a cause of death on death certificates.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, legalized euthanasia in 2016 for those 18 years and older suffering from serious medical problems. The government will expand the program in 2023 to allow those experiencing mental health issues to also seek MAiD

Since its introduction, the program has been continually expanded, and with some of the loosest euthanasia laws in the world, there are growing concerns in Canada about the program.

It has been reported that some people with disabilities are being forced to consider euthanasia because they can no longer keep up with their medical bills.

There are also reports of government bureaucrats working with the federal government’s Veteran Affairs pushing euthanasia on disabled veterans who were complaining about delays in receiving medical help.

In another instance, staff at a hospital told a man with a degenerative brain disease that it was costing $1,500 a day to keep him alive and then recommended euthanasia to him.

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Meanwhile, in Holland

In Holland, a doctor was found not guilty of murder after euthanizing a patient with dementia in 2020, even though she had changed her mind and no longer wanted the procedure. Apparently, the patient’s relatives restrained the woman, so the doctor could apply the deadly procedure. READ: The Netherlands Legalizes Euthanasia, Even Against the Patient’s Will

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