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Religious leaders condemn Canada’s euthanasia laws

In an interview with Fox News, religious leaders in Canada are condemning the country’s euthanasia laws which are among the most expansive in the world.

Since, the program, which goes by the acronym MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying), was introduced in 2016, the provisions have been gradually loosened each year.

In 2023, the rules will be expanded allowing those who are experiencing mental illness to apply for medically assisted suicide and to even give doctors permission to suggest it as an option for their patients.

In an interview with Fox News, Vancouver’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, J. Michael Miller called the law ‘morally depraved’ adding:

“In six years, Canada has gone from totally banning euthanasia to one of the most permissive euthanasia regimes in the world. And even more access could be coming, including allowing ‘mature minors’ to request it.”

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The loosening of Canada’s medically assisted suicide laws

Breitbart provides more details on the gradual loosening of the rules for medically assisted suicide in Canada since its inception in 2016:

Canada legalized assisted suicide, which it prefers to call by the euphemism Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), in 2016. Euthanasia was initially limited to patients over the age of 18 suffering from a terminal illness — but, as critics predicted, the standards have been relentlessly loosened with every passing year.

Canada is now one of only seven countries that allows medical professionals to administer lethal drugs to patients, rather than providing suicide formulations and requiring the patient to inject themselves, and it is the only country that allows nurse practitioners to kill their patients.

Last year, the requirement for MAID subjects to be suffering from terminal illness was lifted, and in early November, the Canadian Association of Medical Assistance in Dying Assessors and Providers rolled out a new training curriculum that advises doctors to aggressively offer euthanasia options, instead of waiting for patients to ask.

Removing the requirement that natural death must be “reasonably foreseeable” for euthanasia subjects opened the door to letting mentally ill people kill themselves, and that very policy will go into effect on March 17, 2023.

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Pressure put on army vets suffering from PTSD to use medically assisted suicide

An active member of Canada’s armed forces, suffering from PTSD, said that a member of the Federal government’s veteran affairs recommended medically assisted suicide after he approached the department for medical assistance and help to transition out of the military.

The National Post reported on comments, the soldier made in a podcast interview:

“I had been suffering from PTSD and recently had a lot of suicidal thoughts,” Bruce told Meincke during the gripping and emotional podcast, explaining he’d reached out to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for help and awaited a return call from a caseworker.

“I was kinda hoping they would help me with my transition out of the military, help me find new doctors once I get out, and assist me with any other kind of claims I might have.”

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Why is the federal government pushing medically assisted $uicide?

You need to understand that healthcare in Canada is government funded.

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